Soccer Shoes for the Week

For today, we have a wonderful shoe made by Puma, called PowerCat v. 1.10


To give basic information about this shoe, this shoe was very famous for defenders during the 2010 South Africa World Cup. It is very favored by many european superstars such as Chiellini, Vidic, Anelka, etc. Lets now go to the specs of this wonderful powerful shoe called the PowerCat.


1. PUMA Powerlast

The new anatomically-shaped PUMA PowerLast is an upgrade of the PUMA AptoLast. This gives more volume and space for the forefoot to get in shape. It feels more comfortable, and makes easier for the player to roam around the field with full comfort with no blisters.

2. External TPU Heel Counter

This is a heel-cup shaped on the heels that feels like a finger covering around softly where it feels comfortable. This protects the rear ends of the foot for the aggressive and heavy attacks or strikes that will be coming from the strikers or defenders.

3. PUMA 3D Power Shooting Technology

These are little swerves on the top of the shoe so that it will have good contact with the ball. This makes the shoe what it is called, POWER. With this, the shots get more accurate and powerful.

4. Bladed Stud Configuration

This blade stud was configured so that it will penetrate through grass and turf easier so that the player can have an easier time switching plays and running around without slipping.

5. Removable Sockliner

This shaped sockliner acts as a cushion and also a more comfortable fit to the shoe. It also  gets rid of odors from the hard plays by a player.



This shoe is very stable, sturdy, and STRONG. This shoe is perfect for rough and strong players, mostly for defenders and defensive midfielders. Enjoy wearing these, and have fun!


Top 10 Defenders of All Time

1. Nemanja Vidic (Manchester United)

This man plays for the Manchester United. He may not be playing for one of the best national international teams, but this man is a great wall that defends his zone, and has been very annoying to the opponent’s attackers and strikers. In the 2006 World Cup, he and his fellow team mates only conceded just one goal in 10 matches, creating a world record and making their team to verse the best team in the world, Spain. He is a commander, a leader, who is a main target why his team is very successful. With the nickname of “terminator” he is one of the most influential and significant figure in any team he will attend and play for.

2. Maicon (Inter Milan)

This Brazilian is the best right full back/ winger in the world. He was influential in every aspect of each game. Inter Milan has met many victories all because of this man. He is very forceful and runs down the right side of the field, creating a great avenue of attack, not only the cross for his teammates, but his one man show that inflicts the other team into madness. He is a solid and pacing defender, every team needs him.

3. Gerard Pique (Barcelona FC)

Being one of the prospects few years ago, Gerard Pique has ragged the game in every aspect. Being in the team Manchester United in his early career, he wasn’t that good. After Barcelona picked him up as a young hot prospect, he learned his mistakes and became one of the most prominent defenders in the world. With his tall height and the ability to control the defensive line, he leads the back half of the field. He has kill chip long crosses that goes right to the offensive lines, creating many chances to score a goal. This guy is a must in each team. He has brought many champions and victories to the team FC Barça.


Honda Keisuke not interested in holding hands with Man City or Liverpool

Honda Keisuke (25, CSKA Moscow) was a major interest from Liverpool FC and Manchester City FC. In the english sports tv “Sky Sports,” it showed in his interview that there are many interests from different clubs for Honda. However, Honda replied that he enjoys his career and likes to maintain in his league, therefore he will and have no total interest in engaging with any of the club teams in england.

Honda has shown and proved himself to be a hero and a superstar in the Japanese International team during the 2010 South Africa World Cup. At this moment, Liverpool and Manchester City is trying very hard to persuade Honda and to perform good impressions so that he can come to the club. Despite the highly competed team asking him to go to their team, he is going to attend the UEFA Champions League for CSKA Moscow. One of the reasons why Honda was staying in CSKA Moscow was for this reason, the UEFA Champions League.

Honda stated that it would be better if clubs from Spain would ask and enquire him to come to the clubs. He personally enjoys and likes spanish clubs rather than the english premier league team. He wants to compete at higher stages and risk his ability so that he can become a better player. Honda’s love for Spain is very famous and incredible. In his past interview, he stated that his dream was to play for the one of the best club teams in the world, Real Madrid from Liga BBVA in Spanish League. Unless Real Madrid is asking him to come, he wouldn’t be thinking about leaving his club CSKA Moscow. Unfortunately, Real Madrid has shown no interests in Honda.

European Champions League Final

Just before the ultimate game for the European Champions League 2011 started, everyone was in total anxiety and eager to watch the game. Both team coaches and managers were in furious, game faces, along with players entering the field. Today, on the 29th of May, 2011, the all mighty Barcelona was jubilant and throned to be the champions of the European Champions League 2010-2011. With the final score of 3-1, Barcelona have crushed Manchester United through possession, passing rate, shooting target range, and an improved version of playing styles. Both teams tried their best, but luck and the work rate between the teams, Barcelona was far ahead on the winning side.

During the first half of the game, Pedro Rodriguez scored the fierce starting goal of the game, making it 1-0. From Messi’s fierce, feisty, thunderous dribble, going through 3 of the Manchester’s defenders, Pedro received the pass and shot to the right bottom corner of Manchester’s net, where Edwin Van der Scar couldn’t handle it. The Barça fans were jubilant and excited to see their first goal. After 10~20 minutes later, Manchester United fought back with a goal by Wayne Rooney from a wonderful leaking pass by Ryan Giggs. After a draw in the first half, Barcelona showed a totally different Barcelona in the second half.

When the second half started, Barcelona looked determined to win. Their passing percentage, possession rate, and shots on target were above Manchester United’s range. The first goal of the second half was scored by one of the wonder boy of soccer, Lionel Messi. He shot a powerful show in the penalty box, making the score 2-1. Later on in the game, David Villa scored the final game winning goal of the Final Round. It was a fierce fire canon from David Villa, curing and swerving towards the right side, so that it would be hard for the veteran Van der Scar to block it.

The game ended, with the champions of Barcelona. They deserved their win, and Manchester United couldn’t just take the force, speed, and power of Barcelona’s squad.

Reds make their 19th League Title

On saturday, May 14, the Red Devils (Manchester United) have snatched their 19 League Title from their last game against Blackburn Rovers. It was a pretty tight game. The opening 15 minutes was a disaster mainly from Tomacsz Kuzczack the goalkeeper from making continuous mistakes that lead to a goal in the beginning of the game. He was very nervous from the last game of the season and the Champion Title right in front of him, waiting. After many minutes passed, the reds have regained their power and blasted many shots on goal. Nani, and the young mexican, Javier Hernandez made many big chances, however, luck just couldn’t help them. Later on in their 73rd minute of the game, Rooney scored a wonderful game tying penalty kick made by the young mexican star, Javier Hernandez. The game ended with a bore draw, however Manchester United snatched the League Cup with joy and excitement. Sir Alex Ferguson is now known to be one of the most successful manager/coach of the reign of Manchester United. All hail Sir Ferguson!

This League Cup Title made Manchester United the best team in England with 19 cup titles. Sir Alex Ferguson became one of the best manager/coaches of all time, in Manchester United and in the World. Manchester United has beaten English Premier League Football’s League Title Champion, Liverpool by just one more cup. They will trail along with more of these cups in the future. The cup ceremony will be held on the 20th of May. I wish to see more from the Reds. Lets go RED DEVILS!!!

Top 10 Hot Prospects of the Month (Continued)

3. Iker Muniain (19, Dec. 1992)

This young man rips apart the record book of his team, scoring at least one goal in almost every game. He plays now for “Athletic Bilbao,” however it is a shame because he could’ve been playing for bigger, richer, and better clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea, etc. This man is the next David Villa, he is quick, nimble, and has phenomenal finishing talent that crush the net. He is now playing for the Spain youth international team and is looking forward to be one of the top stars in Spain and in the football career.

4. Khouma Babacar (17, March 1993)

He is one of the youngest and the best hot prospects we can see in the Italian Seria A pro club soccer division. Being in the age of 18 and the height of  6ft 3in, (1.91 meters) he has all the benefits of being a magnificent striker. From senegal, he joined a team called US Rail (senegal soccer team youth) at the age of 12. Three years later, he joined the Italian Serie A first division team, Fiorentina at the age of 15. He was sent to the youth team, and has shown great football and improvement. He has the great potential to be one of the top strikers of Fiorentina in few years, maybe a superstar in other big clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, etc.


other hot prospects continued…

Top 10 Hot Prospect Players of the Month

Clubs are always looking for the next big shot. In fact, every club wants to sign youngsters who can be stars and lead the whole team to victory like great players such as Pele, Ronaldo, Chaboom, John Terry, Maradona, etc. These hot prospects are in the age of between 22 and 17, maybe even younger! We will have a list and an explanation of each of the top 10 prospects of the month. (The orders/rankings do not judge the skills of their talent)

1. Eden Hazard (Jan 7, 1991)

He is a Belgian football player who plays for the French League in Lille, also in the Belgium national team. His position is an attacking midfielder and a winger. He is a player with creativity, speed, and technical ability just like Cristiano Ronaldo. He was brought out to be one of the World Player of the Year awards. Lille has gained a lot from him, and without him, they wouldn’t have gone this far.

2. Romelu Lukaku (May, 13, 1993)

Just by being at the age of 17 means that he can’t play soccer. Lukaku is one of the most promising, and wanted strikers in the world today. His scoring record in his team Anderlecht is 25 goals in 54 games. His youth game total goals he scored wats 252 goals in 161 games. He is one of the strikers that play like Didier Drogba, with great cut in skills, and great aggression with powerful shots that can crash the net easily from far away. Big clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea FC are looking forward to buy in the hot prospect, or the next Didier Drogba.

Top 10 Hot Prospect of the month continued…